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Data Protection Policy

E Co. is a management consultancy specialising in designing low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and programmes. For over 20 years, we have been providing technical expertise to help our clients solve climate adaptation and mitigation challenges and access project funding. We assess markets, develop strategies, and formulate projects to provide long-lasting solutions for vulnerable populations worldwide.

This Privacy Policy serves to inform job applicants and associates on projects (hereafter referred to as, Applicants) about how we handle personal data in the expert rosters management process and recruitment. We process, manage, use, and protect the applicants’ and associates’ personal data according to the process laid out in this Privacy Policy.
By giving your consent, you accept your personal data is processed in line with this Privacy Policy.

General - Data Controller

The protection of your personal data is our utmost priority. Therefore, we process your data in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018. We are a data controller in line with current privacy legislation.

Collection of personal data

We collect and store applicant data through the applicant tracking system Team Tailor. We collect data when applicants:
• make an application through the website or otherwise, adding personal data about themselves either personally or by using a third-party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn; 
• use Team Tailor to connect with our staff, adding personal data about themselves either personally or by using a third-party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn; and
• provide identifiable data in any means of communication and such data is of relevance to the application procedure.
In addition, we collect data from publicly available resources and third parties, such as Development Aid, LinkedIn and other public sources. This is referred to as “sourcing” and can be done manually by our employees or automatically if you are using a service like Facebook or LinkedIn. 

For what purposes and on what legal basis do we process your personal data? 
Data that you have made available to us is processed and stored in our expert roster management system (Team Tailor). Your data became available to E Co. as part of your application for an assignment, or from a generally accessible and credible source (e.g. Development Aid, LinkedIn, a referral, etc.)
We are building and maintaining a network of qualified experts around the globe with a wide range of thematic, language and country-specific expertise, in addition to a commitment to the type of work we are engaged in.
By registering and sending your application documents, you will be added to our database. 
With your registration, you enter your personal data and other particulars into our database. In doing so, you are consenting to E Co. storing and using your data as it relates to assignment opportunities. In order for us to be able to match you with relevant opportunities without restriction, and for our staff to process your data, we follow these steps:

1. We collect important professional profile related information by means of our registration form.
The personal data that we store regarding your application together with your application documents (CV, cover letter, certificates) includes information such as name, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, photo, gender, nationality, date of birth, education, additional qualifications and language skills.

2. Additionally, we may ask for further information concerning your professional environment and aspirations, which includes information on salary, training, career, and skills. 

3. Whenever you are involved in a project team or an assignment, we add data in connection to your profile and/or cooperation: a role taken in the assignment, an updated CV, requested rate, etc.
The information that you add and we collect, helps us to keep your profile up to date. Your profile thus contains information about you, and may include personal information, headshot photos, examples of your work, information on work previously performed, skills, daily pay rates and earnings information, feedback on collaboration, and other information. 

Who receives your personal data?

All your personal data is treated as strictly confidential. We only pass on your information to third parties (i.e. the procurement teams of our potential clients) after you have given permission and only when your profile is part of the assignment team proposed by E Co. We will always ask for your confirmation of interest and availability to take part in a particular bid and assignment before passing on your information.
Our database is only accessible to E Co. Team and partner companies and/or associates providing management and administration support to E Co. By registering, you agree that companies and persons associated with E Co. in the way described above, may also process your personal data for the purpose for which it is intended – i.e. bid development and assignment management.
If we engage a service provider who could possibly gain insight into your personal data, we enter into a contract which includes a confidentiality clause.

How long is your data stored? 

Your data will be stored beyond completion of the application and assignment duration, as E Co. seeks to contact you regarding future assignment or expert opportunities. By registering, you agree to the inclusion of your personal data in our applicant database and its storage for one year or until you revoke permission, whichever happens earlier. Once a year, we will ask your permission to retain your data for another year. You can revoke consent by requesting us to delete your data or not renewing consent.

Who is responsible for processing the data?

The data is processed primarily by the HR manager at E Co. and/or other employees of E Co. that work on project preparation and assignment delivery.
Please contact the HR manager Vedrana Bozic at to discuss any issue with regards to processing of your data.
The responsible data controller for E Co. is the company director Grant Ballard-Tremeer. You can contact him at if you want to discuss data concerns or issues further.
What are your rights? 
When you have entered your data or given E Co. your consent for storing and processing your data, you retain the following rights:
• To be informed about how your data is being used
• To access your personal data
• To have incorrect data updated
• To have your data erased
• To stop or restrict the processing of your data
• To data portability (allowing you to receive and reuse your data for different services)
• To object to how your data is processed in certain circumstances

Furthermore, you have the right of objection. We will comply to your request for access to, correction of, or deletion of any personal information we have about you in our expert roster management system.
If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact the HR manager, Vedrana Bozic at or the responsible person, the data protection controller, Grant Ballard-Tremeer at

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